Botanic Chocolates by firstleaf

Having spent many years growing flavours for chefs and restaurants we have now started a new exciting venture – putting our home-grown plant flavours into chocolates.

Botanic chocolates

After many experiments (and a lot of learning along the way) we have developed our own range of delicious botanic chocolates.

We hand-harvest and capture the flavour by using traditional techniques such as steeping the seeds, drying the leaves or use them fresh!

We are also fortunate enough to be able to forage locally for tasty berries and nuts to complement our home grown range.

We use carefully selected single origin chocolate to harmonise with our botanic flavours and each little chocolate square is hand cut and hand dipped. Our batches are small and some flavours only have a short season but that’s what makes them special.

We sometimes decorate with our own dried edible flowers.

Our new chocolate website will be live in August and our chocolates will be available to order in the Autumn.