Using Edible Flowers: Individual petals

Edible Flowers Pinks




Using Edible Flowers

Using whole edible flowers on a dish or a few dozen to decorate a wedding cake canEdible Flowers Canapes
have a dramatic effect. But how about daring to use just one petal?

Smaller items like canapés, desserts or cocktails really benefit from the ‘less is more’ approach where a single detached petal can bring a touch of colour and subtle sophistication.

Edible Flowers, like the Daisy (Bellis) or Calendula, can produce dozens of small petals perfect for delicately sprinkling on desserts, starters or small cakes without over powering the rest of the food.

The gorgeous Fragrant Pink (pictured) produces up to a dozen petals per blossom that can be detached and added to food for a stunning effect – a few flowers will go a long way!

Catherine, firstleaf